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we offer our customers and partners, a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, motivated to provide excellence in our services. We have significant expertise implementing solutions for Information and Communications Technologies, acquired through participation in a wide range of projects, using and integrating technologies from market leaders.


The best proof of the excellence of our services is the feedback from our customers and partners, from who we received the best reviews regarding the quality of the services we provided.

Our services range from technology consulting, implementation and integration of applications and software development.
We also offer technical support services with differentiated levels of service, depending on the business goals.

Professionals Services certified in Contact Center technologies:

  • Consulting
  • Solution Design
  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • Software Integration
  • Training
  • Customer Support

xseed teams, hold implementation experience and detailed knowledge in key market leaders in technology tools for contact centers, including Altitude Software and Genesys.

Our highly skilled professional services team will partner with customers to help at any phase of a contact center / customer service project:


Action focused on relationship management technology companies with the market and its customers, exploring the greatest number of possible interaction channels.
Consultancy Strand using the methodologies, know-how accumulated in the various activity sectors, and knowledge of best market practices.

  • Tipically pre-project
  • Strategic and evolution definition
  • Requirements discovery
  • RFP elaboration

Solutions Design

We perform a constant search for solutions that allow us to address the challenges posed by our customers, using either the technologies of current partners, whether looking for new technologies and / or methodologies to adopt best suited to the reality and customer context.
Functional definition of document design requirements resulting from the analysis phase and that will define the project implementation level.
Technical definition document the project, which will describe the application infrastructure developed under this project.

  • As an independent company, we can design the best solution to meet our customers’ requirements

Project Management

The project management activity aims at ensuring technical and operational management of the project to implement the proposed system.
Management activity schedule previously agreed with the client to ensure that the date of start-up and during its implementation will be the necessary conditions for the correct development of the project.
Interface with you.
Coordination of resources.
Fulfillment of commitments.

  • Project management of third party implementation team.
  • Customer’s knowledgeable proxy to control external team implementations


The installation task intended the provision in proposed environments, the overall solution correctly installed and configured.
It includes basic tests to validate the proper operation of the solution.
Infrastructure Document the implemented solution systems.
Manual for the use of applications developed under the project.

xseed has extensive experience in the development and customization of applications, in particular in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure setup & configuration
  • On demand solution development
  • Multimedia Interactions Management
  • Forwarding Strategies (routing) for voice, email, web, workflows
  • Outbound campaigns, including scripts (scripting) service
  • Voice Portals/ IVR using technology: VoiceXML, ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (Text to Speech)
  • Reporting / Business Intelligence
  • Custom Business Applications

Software Integration

  • Configuration and development of integrations between the contact center and corporate/legacy applications


  • Formal training
    • Supporting documentation to training actions.
    • In addition to knowledge of the acquired solution during the implementation phases of the project, the customer can also benefit from more specific to be provided by our consultants training.
    • Technical view Solution.
    • Maintenance and Administration.
    • Supervision.
  • “On the job” knowledge transfer
    • Training sessions are also complemented by hands-on experimentation in the workplace, specifically customized to customer needs.

Customers Support

  • 1st and 2nd level solution support
    • After implementing the solution starts the corrective maintenance service, which will remain in force for the subscribed duration of the respective contract.
    • Service levels and flows will be detailed according to the who are support and maintenance requirements as may be defined.
    • 1st level solution support
      • Single point of contact to the means available for reporting incidents or requests for technical support supported solution.
      • This level will capture and record all relevant information on the request / incident.
      • When possible can respond / resolve the situation immediately using its knowledge of the solution, proper training, and the use of complementary tools (knowledge base, remote control software).
      • If this level can not close objectively the request / incident, it will be escalated to the next level of solution support.
    • 2nd level solution support
      • This level consists of specialized teams in the various components of the solution.
      • More complex applications and / or incidents that were not answered / resolved in the previous level are forwarded to the appropriate team of this level, depending on the requested or defective component.
      • The technicians of this team will review the request, characterize it in even greater detail if necessary and solve the same, according to its most expertise in the relevant area. To this end may need to get back in contact with the technical team of the client, may also need to remotely connect to the customer premises in which the solution is installed. As a last resort a visit to the customer can be scheduled when the solution can not be applied remotely.
      • If the resolution implies the third-level support, the solution's manufacturer, this team ensures the interface with that level and follow-up.


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