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Scripting Application

The ask-it platform! is a web-based application to create dynamic surveys and make your on-line availability.


The ease of use, customization, great flexibility and speed in achieving results transforms the ask-it! a high performance tool for collecting and providing dynamic surveys. It can also be part of a solution and function alone or linked to other applications.
The current version of ask-it! was developed in partnership with a market research firm. Its features are in accordance with the requirements of that company and tested "on the ground" by who else requires a survey platform.

The ask-it! is divided into four major areas:

  • Forms
  • Investigations
  • Collection & Validation
  • Results

The area of "Forms" allows a user with permissions to do so, maintain easily surveys and no need for skilled labor. A survey consists, broadly, a set of simple fields (or groups) that can collect information of various types, such as:

  • Date / Time
  • Searchable Listing
  • Dictomias
  • Decimal Number
  • Like Scale
  • Integer Number
  • Choice
  • Ranking Drag & Drop
  • Grid
  • Ordination
  • Questions Group
  • Large Text
  • HTML
  • Simple Text

Additionally can indicate on the form:

  • Conditional transitions between questions
  • Situations a particular field is valid
  • Define visibility through a simple or complex formula
  • Permissions for each user group
  • Perform coding questions and response options
  • Create reusable group of questions
  • Contextual assistance to aid users
  • Ability to use multimedia to create the material questions

Inquiry is an existing concept in the ask-it! that makes available forms for collection. This publication must be made each time through a web browser (Internet or Intranet). To make this available the administrator can:

  • Indicate the sample - which can be loaded with an MDB file or through a connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Indicate the beginning and end dates of the collection
  • Associate useful information related to the investigation
  • Display Quota collection
  • Indicate which users may carry out collection
  • Indicate which users can validate the results

An inquiry can be made available for 3 channels:

  • Phone and is available in the "recall" of the agent;
  • Email is sent an email to the elements of the sample with filing instructions;
  • Internet, through the ask-it! for Clients.

To make response to an inquiry the ask-it! offers a simple and intuitive interface shared by all users of the various channels (telephone, mail and Internet), however regardless of the channel a sample element can only take the survey once.

The result area is another area of the ask-it !, this offers the following features:

  • Daily Report of collecting data efectada - This report contains information from collections made with Date, Time, Publication, Contact, User, Time used to make the collection
  • Print investigations
  • Export survey results to Microsoft Excel

The ask-it! was developed keeping in mind the use of distributed organizations, with different levels of skills and commitments. This way you can configure the system to reflect the existing organizational differences. The Security module enables a simple and uniform management of the set of available features.

The ask-it! for Clients is a website that bridges the gap between the ask-it! and Internet users. Through the ask-it! for Clients an Internet user can:

  • Making registration to ask-it !, thereby available to answer online surveys;
  • Access to a private area, protected by username and password where you can:
    • Consult your private data;
    • See which studies already answered;
    • Current account (in the case of paid surveys);
    • Ability to suggest contacts and consult your contact list already suggested;
    • Ability to respond to inquiries that are being undertaken.


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